Super-8 cameras



Each camera has been thoroughly tested using an Ektachrome 100D film cartridge.  Please note that 100D has now stopped production.  Other alternatives: Avichrome, Kodak Vision 3 etc. which we do not stock currently.

Cameras are tested for focus, picture steadiness, speed, exposure accuracy, kindness to film, etc.

If there is Single Frame we make sure the exposures are constant.

All super-8 cameras normally run at 18 frames per second. Batteries are cheap, usually AA or AAA size available everywhere. Sometimes small alkaline batteries are used for the exposure meter, but these are usually readily available. NOTE: Some auto only cameras may not be suitable for using Ektachrome 100D film, as they were originally designed for 40asa speed film. Check or ask us….   Some cameras also take sound film cartridges but these are no longer available. Sound cameras are generally quieter running,  and all accept silent cartridges. 

We have more super-8 cameras that are being tested now. As soon as the results come back from the lab they will hopefully be for sale (but some cameras fail the test even though they appear OK at first!) If you are looking for a particular super-8 model, please ask.

Condition Price
 310 Halina,  f1.8 12-24mm zoom,  auto exposure,  instructions.  A compact camera, suitable for 100D film  vg/exc 17.00
1033 Bencini Comet        f1.8   16mm lens, manual exposure, case. On  test the speed was found to be about 24fps! exc 16.00
745 Halina, f1.8 12-24mm zoom, auto exposure. Suitable for 100D film vg 15.00
015 Elmo 103T, f1.8 9.5-30mm zoom reflex, auto exposure, backlight control, built-in superimposition mirror, compact camera. Will under-expose 100D by 1/2 to 2/3 of a stop, but OK if ND gel attached to meter window. Other films suitable vg 28.00
793 Bauer C1M super, Schneider f1.8 9-36mm power zoom reflex, auto exposure + manual hold, speeds 18 + 24fps, case, hood. No filter-plug provided so not suitable for 100D film. OK for other films vg/exc 39.00
Eumigette 2, f1.8 reflex zoom, auto exposure, single frame, instructions. This camera will under-expose 100D film by 2/3 of a stop. OK for other films
good/vg 22.00
 787 Chinon Dart,  zoom reflex  14.5-30mm f1.7, fixed focus, auto exposure, instructions, case. Suitable for 100D film.
vg 24.00
 786 Halina Zoom  12-24mm  f1.8,  focus-free,  box.  Suitable for 100D film.
 vg  15.00
 843 Bell & Howell Autoload,  zoom reflex,  “focus-matic” indicator,  auto exposure.  Filter key not included, therefore daylight colour film will have amber cast and 2/3 stop under-exposure.
 vg 22.00
092 Minolta Autopak-8 / K5, f1.8 9.5-30mm reflex, auto exposure, backlight etc control, speeds: 12, 18, 24 fps, single frame, instructions exc 35.00